Johnny Rockets: the mother of all monay burgers.

Johnny Rockets Eastwood Mall

Johnny Rockets in Anaheim marked the venue of my first time to drink a malt shake. During my brief stint in California, I made a mental list of food I'd like to try out, usual U.S. fares that I only get to see in the movies and in Archie comics---stuffs like chinese takeout, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and malt shake.

Archie comics introduced me to diners and malt shakes

Archie comics introduced to the world of diners, jukebox and malt shakes. I remember wondering how it feels like to be in an actual diner, sipping malt shake at the counter and what's the difference as to dining in...Jollibee perhaps? I finally hit two birds in one stone when I saw a Johnny Rockets while on our way to the mall---got inside the diner and ordered myself a malt shake! Yes, fantasy turned into a reality!

Unfortunately, that was about 10 years ago and I can't remember how an actual malt shake tastes like.  Even when diners like Gram's Diner and Butter Diner sprouted here in Manila, they don't have malt shakes in their menu. That's why I got excited when I saw the sign at Eastwood Mall that the first Philippine Johnny Rockets' branch will open there. 

The buzz about having a Johnny Rockets branch here received mixed reviews. Most were wishing that the franchise owner got In-N-Out instead. But I was totally positive about finally getting to taste malt shake again. 

One free Saturday, we decided to have brunch in Johnny Rockets. Upon scanning the menu, we noticed the high prices of the items in the menu. I saw my husband eyeing the Stacker Burger joint across as if wondering whether the burgers there cost just the same.

We ordered the #12 which is one of their all-time favorites, as noted in the menu. We assumed that at PHP 335, the burger will be good enough to share. Hmmmm....I will save my comment on this later. Their burgers are served with American fries or side salad, but the waitress told us that we can get a half serving of the salad and half of the fries/onion rings to go with our order. We also had a Cherry Coke and a strawberry malt milkshake to go with our burger.

While waiting, we were entertained by the dancing crew of the restaurants. I find it entertaining, but cheesy. I wondered how much percentage did dancing skills get in Johnny Rocket's criteria for hiring. 

In keeping with the diner theme, old-fashioned Coke posters adorn the restaurant walls.

Old-fashioned Coke posters

I'm not sure if all the dining booths have this mini jukebox selector installed. You can choose among the song selections and play it after inserting a PHP 1 coin in the designated slot.


#12 and its accompaniments

Finally, our order arrived. We were instantly disappointed with the size of the burger in front of us. If you're paying for a burger at price almost the same as the country's set minimum wage, it is but understandable to have high expectations.

The burger did not wow us in the taste factor either. "Forgettable" is one way to describe it. Suddenly, the Stackers Burger poster across appeared more enticing. The bun they use is something we can purchase from our neighborhood bakery. I christened it the "mother of all monay burgers."

Cherry Coke

My husband said that the Cherry Coke tastes like Coke laced with cough syrup. I would've laughed at his comment if I was not too disappointed in our meal.

 Strawberry Malt Shake

Alas, the creaminess of the strawberry malt shake was not enough to make us forget the Johnny Rockets' burger shortcomings. Not that the milkshake was not good, in fact it was the best milkshake we've ever tasted in the Metro so far. But it can't just shake the disappointment out of our heads.

Sorry, can't have the same smile after eating your burger :(

I wish that the franchise owner thought long and hard before bringing Johnny Rockets here in Manila. It doesn't follow that the success of famous U.S. dining joints like Starbucks, Mc Donalds and Burger King in the Philippines, Pinoys would patronize every Western franchise you bring here. I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny Rockets would follow the paths of Jack in the Box and Carl's Jr. here who became our "once-upon-a-time" hangouts.

Ground Floor Eastwood Mall
Eastwood City, Libis, Q.C.
Menu: page 1 page 2 page 3


Tito Boy said...

parang burger king, mas mahal nga lang. Milk shake saving grace...

Tito Boy said...

Uy bago template, mas malinaw at maaliwalas.

Pa burjer ka naman!

Burjer! Burjer!

Alisa@Foodista said...

The burger does look awfully small. Ive been reading your blog and this one paled compared to Stackers. I look forward to more of your food posts :)

Tin said...

@Alisa: Yes it is small for its price. After about a week from eating at Johnny Rockets, we tried Stackers. We were joking how a meal for two at Stackers (drinks and fries included) is still cheaper than a meal for one at Johnny Rockets.

Thanks for visiting! Will post reviews on kebabs and japanese resto next time.

Tito Boy said...

Hoy mag update kana!

Anonymous said...

mga baliw! wala kasi kaung mga pera! kaya kung anu anu naiisip ni0! mga weak

@Anonymous said...

mas baliw ka! halatang taga johnny rockets ka tol. kaya hindi mo lang matanggap na bulok talaga burgers nyo! magpopost lang e ikakalat nyo pa baho nyo. anung paki namin kung wala kaming pera? lasang papel naman burger nyo e...

Anonymous said...


May pera ako pero hindi ko sasayangin sa over priced na burger ng johnny rockets. Mas masarap pa burger king dyan sa totoo lang.

batangmangyan said...

@Tin: oo, laki ng difference from Johnny Rockets in the US..sana nga In-N-Out na lang, nakakamiss ang fries nila (the best fries for me) hehe.

@anonymous: ang dapat sa'yo yong buy one take one na burger sa kalye..ano na nga yun? basta 'yong tig bente hahaha! kala mo ha, FYI, daming pera yang sina panyero no!

Tin said...

@batang mangyan: Agree, sana In-N-Out na lang ang dinala nila dito sa Pinas. Kaso hindi nagfa-franchise ang In-N-Out outside US according to my friend who inquired. Astig ang fries nila, kitang kita mo ang evolution mula sa buong patatas tapos mahuhulog siya from the auto-slicer sa kumukulong mantika! Yum! Shempre, hindi alam ni panyero yun kasi hindi siya well-read ahihi.

BTW, yung buy one take one sa kalye, Scott's burger yun. But I'd take Scott's burger anytime than eat at Johnny Rockets again :P

batangmangyan said...

@tin, have u tried Kogi Bulgogi at eastwood mall? panalo sa sarap at presyo.

Anonymous said...

sayang, I thought masarap pero after looking at the pics, payat yung burger hahahaha! I think mas ok pa yung Wham Burger(i hope tama spelling). Malaki na yung bun, malaki pa yung burger busog ka talaga, like brothers burger.

tin said...

@Batangmangyan: Gusto ko nga i-try kaso ayaw ni Tito Boy :(

Jaycelle said...

Thanks for this review. I've been eying this place since I love that quaint charm of a diner but with overpriced "forgettable" burgers, I think it's wise not to lead myself to disappointments. :D

However, I would still go and try their malt shake. Looks yum!

Anonymous said...

Balak ko pa naman dalhin si misis dito bukas. But after reading rants from other websites, not worth the trip and the suffering. Thanks for the info. :D

Anonymous said...

it was owned by AMA biruin nyo every branch ng AMA like ACLC, AMACollege pinapunta dun ng sapilitan paralang kumita at kunyari papakita sa student ang kanilang POS system hayyy :)

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