Furniture Fair Station at New Name, New Victims

I came across a comment in my blog about the horrors I encountered with JRS Contractors which says that Jackie Salas renamed her company as Furniture Fair Station. They have a new account set up two days ago (as of this writing).

I know there is an ongoing complaint case filed at the DTI against the people behind JRS Contractors, particularly Jackie Salas and her co-horts Nikka and Owen. Naturally, she eventually got rid of the tainted name of "JRS Contractors" and re-emerge as Furniture Fair Station. I wouldn't be surprised if I won't see the name "Jackie Salas" in the DTI registry for Furniture Fair Station but definitely the "new" company is still operated by the same people who duped a lot of customers.

I hope potential customers who are interested in the products of Furniture Fair Station will see this blog and that of JRS Contractors. This is a warning for possible victims that FURNITURE FAIR STATION AND JRS CONTRACTORS ARE RUN BY THE SAME PEOPLE!

This is their contact details as stated in their page. Just click one for their ads and you'd see the contact details at the bottom part of the ad. Nikka was mentioned in one of the complaints on JRS in my previous blog entry.

The above address is the same used by JRS Contractors. I got this from their suspended account from