Johnny Rockets: the mother of all monay burgers.

Johnny Rockets Eastwood Mall

Johnny Rockets in Anaheim marked the venue of my first time to drink a malt shake. During my brief stint in California, I made a mental list of food I'd like to try out, usual U.S. fares that I only get to see in the movies and in Archie comics---stuffs like chinese takeout, Ben and Jerry's ice cream and malt shake.

Bangkok taxi fare

To add to some useful information you might need to do your own DIY Bangkok trip, here are some tourist tips when going around Bangkok via taxi.

When planning your trip, have an estimate of your fare in case there's no BTS near your planned destination.
I did this with the help of googlemaps and a fare table of Bangkok's taxis. Here's how I went about it:

Thuk Thai: hidden thai food gem

Mr. Lee's phad thai (left) & another phad thai in one of Suan Lum market food stalls (right). Both are from our Bangkok trip last year.

Absence makes the tongue grow fonder.

Nope, the above statement is not a typo error.

After tasting authentic phad thai in Bangkok last year, I've been craving to taste another one here in Manila. I've tried several Thai restaurants in the metro, like Som's---all boasting to serve authentic phad thais. But alas, all failed to meet this phad thai hunter's expectations.

Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic (taken from CTS' blog)

My version of Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic

Crave Burger Katipunan: are their burgers something to crave for?

For those who frequent the White Plains area, you might have noticed this relatively new burger joint called Crave Burger fronting the plant stores along Katipunan Ave. This burger joint kept us intrigued for several trips going home (since we always pass by this area) until sudden hunger pangs prompted us to finally try it out.

Crave Burger Katipunan Ave. Branch