Thuk Thai: hidden thai food gem

Mr. Lee's phad thai (left) & another phad thai in one of Suan Lum market food stalls (right). Both are from our Bangkok trip last year.

Absence makes the tongue grow fonder.

Nope, the above statement is not a typo error.

After tasting authentic phad thai in Bangkok last year, I've been craving to taste another one here in Manila. I've tried several Thai restaurants in the metro, like Som's---all boasting to serve authentic phad thais. But alas, all failed to meet this phad thai hunter's expectations.

But then I remember this one humble Thai eatery in Ortigas called Thuk Thai. They serve great and affordable thai fare that would keep you coming back for more.

I can say that my fondness for phad thai began with Thuk Thai. It was when I still work in Ortigas area and those were the days when lunch venue decisions are based on where my nose (and feet) would lead me. 

I was walking towards Rufo's Tapa (my back up plan in case my beagle nose fails me) when my nose caught this fragrant smell of food cooking, a mixture of something sweet plus spice, but I couldn't place my finger on.
alley leading to Thuk Thai

The scent led me to this small eatery where a guy cooks something in this wok which seems to be a mixture of noodles, seafoods and veggies. I told the girl taking the orders that I'm getting whatever that guy's cooking.

Thuk Thai phad thai

As it turned out, he was preparing phad thai. My order came and my, they're generous with their servings. The single order (PHP 130) seems like a one and a half serving to me. And the was sooo good! I was not able to contain my delight as I constantly complimented the girl who took my order on how good their phad thai is. She pointed out that there are other "must try" items in their menu aside from the phad thai. It was after 5 orders of phad thai (on separate occasions of course) when I finally tried another dish at Thuk Thai---the phad thai was THAT good, you won't get tired of eating it. I was able to get the Mixed Fried Rice (PHP 95 for single order), which is a complete meal on its own. Again, the serving is big that I was able to share it with my lunch mate. 

I haven't been to Thuk Thai ever since I resigned from the Ortigas office. I heard they're going to open in Rockwell Ortigas, right next to The Medical City, which is good news since I could go there whenever I have to bring my daughter for her check-ups. For now, I have to hold off eating phad thai until Thuk Thai Rockwell opens or I go back to Bangkok---whichever comes first.

George Park, San Miguel Ave.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
0917-800 THUK
menu page 1
menu page 2

Thuk Thai moved to Rockwell Ortigas. Their previous branch's customer need not to worry since they do deliver.


Pasig, Philippines, 1600
Delivery Number: 470.THUK (8485)
Open Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for the info. i always see this "Thuk Thai" but haven't tried their food yet. i'll try it tomorrow lunch. one of my favorites, thai food, sana may tom yum noodles or spag. have u tried tom yun spag @ Secret Recipe, The Atrium- Megamall, panalo ang lasa! if not, try n'yo ni panyero :)

add kita sa link. salamat po.

Tin said...

BatangMangyan: Thuk Thai already transferred to Rockwell Ortigas. Lumayo na siya sa yo :( But they deliver, I think covered naman your area.

Sige i-try namin Secret Recipe :)

Anonymous said...

yes, napansin ko yesterday when i passed by Rockwell Ortigas, thought it's a new branch. salamat ulit.

Mamy Maldy said...

yup! sarap sa thuk thai. my husband and i work in ortigas area, so everytime gusto namin mag food trip ng something spicy, we go to thuk thai. lapit lang sa min. he works with smc ako naman sa omm citra lang.

so open na pala sa rockwell.hmmm.. maka daan nga sa friday. thanks!

Tin said...

No prob, The Prodigal Son! Medyo lumayo nga lang ang Thuk Thai sa office niyo :)

Anonymous said...

aside from Pad Thai, any other recommendations? I love catfish salad from other restos but is it worth a try here? thanks :)

Tin said...

Sorry I haven't tried their catfish salad

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